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How to Keep Your Gelato Shop Clean and Healthy

Cleanliness is essential to any company that serves food or desserts. Gelato shops can easily become dirty and unhealthy if proper measures are not taken to ensure that they remain clean. Nowadays, most shops use disposable gelato cups and spoons, which helps cut down on washing. That quickly adds up in trash, but it’s healthier for the customers and less expensive for the business. According to Gelato Prod ...

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5 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

There are seventy million people on Pinterest and this number is growing day by day. A lot of them are established bloggers, writers, journalists, trendsetters and social influencers. Pinterest is the newest and most exciting social media platform online and it can be used as a tremendously powerful marketing tool. It offers a completely new channel to market your brand, product or services and reach a grow ...

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Data Storage in the Digital Era

The internet has changed the way we store and share information, bothfor individuals and businesses alike. No longer do we need to keep physical copies of our work by using paper and folders, instead we now store most information under the digital form which we can share across the world in an instant. This rise of the new data storage methods does however mean that we are more reliant on technology, and we ...

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