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The Importance of Networking for Job Seekers in a Lousy Economy

The economic recovery has been stagnant. Job creation has varied month to month, but it hasn’t been nearly strong enough to resolve the unemployment crisis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that only about 70,000 jobs were created last month. Job seekers need to be great at networking if the hope to land a new position in this economy. Great Connections More Important than Ever Nearly three quarters of ...

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When Business Meets Pleasure – Doing What You Love

During tough economic times, it can be hard to find a job you love. Many Americans are grateful to have work at all, so it’s rare to deliberately quit without a backup plan. That being said, some business owners and employees are fortunate enough to head off to a job they love every morning. In some cases, these individuals have followed their passions and turned a hobby into a business. For others, they we ...

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Turn Over Community Management Before It Drives You Mad

In our fast-paced society, there are simply too many things that must be accomplished in a day. With such pressure on people to be productive, it can be difficult to get everything done. Piling on top of that with responsibilities in a community with a homeowner's association can honestly be too much for people to handle. The management of a large homeowner's association can take up more time than a family ...

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