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What Every Tenant Needs to Know About the New Landlord Licensing Scheme

Right across the UK, housing has become more expensive and for the first time, the average asking price for a property has exceeded ÂŁ250,000. For young people like students, those who work in minimum wage employment or on a zero-hours contract, the only viable option is to rent. However, in heavily populated towns and cities, the thousands of individuals or families who rent their accommodation are becoming ...

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Advice Every Citizen Should Follow After an Arrest

Even the most upstanding citizen could be arrested. This can be a very frightening experience for many people. It is important to maintain your composure and know how to act after being arrested. Here are some tips that you will want to follow if this ever happens to you. Don’t Resist or Protest the Proceedings You should always cooperate when being arrested. Do not attempt to flee or resist arrest. This wi ...

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How Does the Affordable Care Act Impact Your Taxes?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a healthcare law that requires individuals to obtain a minimum level of health insurance. For those who make less than 400 percent more than the poverty line, government subsidies can help lower the cost of coverage. However, getting a subsidy or foregoing coverage could have many consequences for people on their 2014 tax returns. There May Be a Fine Owed Those who are not i ...

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