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No More Buzzwords: Make Collaboration a Reality in Your Business

Forbes magazine recently put out a list of the most annoying buzzwords in business. The article explains that these buzzwords function as lip service that never gets implemented, which makes them so maddening. "Buy-in," "empower" and "ecosystem" all made the list. Using terms about collaboration without actually taking any action is frustrating for employees, especially since there are technological solutio ...

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Data Storage in the Digital Era

The internet has changed the way we store and share information, bothfor individuals and businesses alike. No longer do we need to keep physical copies of our work by using paper and folders, instead we now store most information under the digital form which we can share across the world in an instant. This rise of the new data storage methods does however mean that we are more reliant on technology, and we ...

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6 Things to Remember When Hosting a Business Meeting

Business meetings can be fretful at the best of times. However, perhaps one of the things worse than having to present is also having to host a business meeting in the first place. In that instance, there’s no real opportunity for you to sit down and relax. If you’re being a proper host, you’re running the show for as long as the business meeting lasts. While some may enjoy the challenge and work to do thei ...

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