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6 Things to Remember When Hosting a Business Meeting

Business meetings can be fretful at the best of times. However, perhaps one of the things worse than having to present is also having to host a business meeting in the first place. In that instance, there’s no real opportunity for you to sit down and relax. If you’re being a proper host, you’re running the show for as long as the business meeting lasts. While some may enjoy the challenge and work to do thei ...

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Save the planet by being an eco-preneur – Some lucrative business ideas for 2016

Reports suggest that more and more business firms are going green. But the question is whether the sustainability practices are actually profitable for the businesses. For a long time now, social good and profit were seen as conflicting ideas but there were certain companies which took the challenge of doing both; making profits and also serving the planet. But it always seemed that they were able to turn a ...

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3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Conference Room

Selecting a proper conference room for an organization is not at all as easy as many may think. you simply cannot just go for the first option that you find and research has to be handled appropriately. Unfortunately, most people just think about how much they are about to pay. Professionals working at Protestor highlight the fact that you have to always consider absolutely everything related to the confere ...

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