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How Important Is an MBA to Potential Employers?

The relative importance of any type of degree depends largely on the field you decide to enter, the company you're looking to hire on with, and the amount of experience you have when you apply for a position. For example, you won't need a degree for most minimum-wage jobs, and even some entry-level positions require only a high school diploma, which is why most offer on-the-job training. And if you can get ...

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Student Entrepreneur: 5 Ways to Promote Your Business on Campus

You may be somewhat limited in your ability to promote your business on a college campus. Even if you happen to be a student, there could be restrictions related to business promotions in the vicinity of the school. However, by checking in with the administration you should be able to find out which of your ideas is permissible and which ones are likely to get you expelled. Here are a few types of on-campus ...

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The Entrepreneurial Student: 5 Major Benefits of Starting a Business in College

There aren't too many college students that take the initiative to start a business during their time on campus. For one thing, many have no aspirations of managing their own business, while others simply wouldn't have the first idea what kind of business to start, much less how to go about doing it. And the fact that you're spending a ton of money on tuition, books, and everything else, and that most of yo ...

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