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Important Competencies Every Transportation Manager Needs

Every business that ships products understands the importance of having a good transportation management system. Whether you are handling transportation logistics in-house or outsourcing them to a third party company, you will need to make sure that your managers have the right traits and skill sets. Essential Traits Every Transportation Manager Needs Transportation managers face a number of different chall ...

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Do Not Rely on Career Sites to Find a Job

Looking for a job can be very frustrating in this economy. Many people spend months sending resumes to companies through job sites. Unfortunately, the chance of finding a job online is pretty low. You will have much more success if you actively network. Why Job Sites Don’t Cut it Job seekers spend about 90% of their time looking for work over the Internet. Unfortunately, only about 20% of all available jobs ...

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Earning Accounting Programs for Your Career

Whether you work in an office or retail environment, numbers and the bottom line are always a big part of your business. Every business needs an accountant with a sharp mind to make sense of these numbers and manage the bottom line. Earning an accounting degree is a smart step towards what can be a lucrative career. More Than Just Numbers Accounting isn't just about financial checks and balances but actuall ...

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