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Tips to Reduce a Cost on the Car Insurance

Getting behind the wheel of an uninsured vehicle is a major risk. Every car owner needs to have a reasonable level of insurance coverage. Although car insurance is an unavoidable expense, there are some proven ways to reduce the total cost. Here are some tips for saving money on car insurance. Do not speed. Insurance companies love low-risk drivers. Motorists who avoid getting any speeding tickets are usual ...

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4 Common Accident Hotspots and How to Avoid them this Summer

Everyone loves the summer. Longer days, lighter nights and more sunshine make it a really feel-good time of year, but it’s not without its perils. Every year, people have accidents and sustain injuries at the moment they least expect it. Don’t be one of them. Check out these top tips for avoiding the most common accident hotspots this summer: On the Road Although cyclists are more vulnerable to being involv ...

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How to Handle a Home Water Damage Insurance Claim

If there's recently been a serious flood in your area or you've had a pipe to burst inside of your home, there's a pretty good chance that you've got some water damage. Luckily, by having home insurance, you should be able to file a water damage insurance claim - one that will provide you with some of the money that you need in order to get your house back to normal. ...

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