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Volkswagen Cars between Three to Five Lakh – Very Limited Choice

Volkswagen, the famous German carmaker has had a reasonable outing in India, thanks to its wonderful cars. Being the biggest carmaker in Germany and the second largest in the world, Volkswagen cars are found across the major auto markets of the world. Literally meaning ‘People’s Car’, Volkswagen has managed to stamp its success at every market it operates in various parts of the globe. In India, though the ...

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2D Barcoding: Ease and Efficiency for Hospitals, Retail and Warehouses

When recognition technology such as UPC barcodes first entered the mainstream, they were unidimensional and only had a 20-character capacity. This served the purposes of the day, allowing for better inventory control and pricing. But as time went on, people started using barcoding for more uses and in different ways, so the one-dimensional barcode didn’t fill the fill any longer.  ...

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Complete Your Kitchen Style with a Great Looking Smeg Dishwasher

Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer with more than half a century of experience in creating home appliances with style. They are also known for the advanced technologies employed, so whenever you are looking for a good quality appliance that is efficient, useful, durable and also great looking in the same package, you should check out what Smeg has to offer. One great way to enhance your kitchen style ...

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