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10 Smart Ways You Can Get More Customers

In an ideal world, businesses would have limitless budgets to find new clients and increase their sales. They could launch aggressive public relations campaigns to boost brand awareness and visibility. They could hold events to build traffic online and to their high street stores. They could even fund a lot of attention-grabbing offline and online advertising. But reality is far from perfect. The fact of the matter is that most SMEs have more ideas for promotions than available resources.

As a business owner, you might be wondering where you should start if you want to generate new leads. Even if you aren’t much of a salesperson, you have to realise that there are numerous means to drive new business. The following points will delve into ten of these.

Find the right audience

Before you start offering something new, you need to figure out where and what the market is. Consider asking your existing clients directly rather than seeking comments from family or friends. You might initially believe that your wares could become the go-to option, but you could be proven wrong. When you take this factor into account, you can think of introducing it in a different way. For instance, you could label your hand soap as body wash instead because there’s more demand in that area.

Build a few partnerships

Your goods would only be failures when you can’t put them in your customers’ hands. To achieve that, you will need to cooperate with the right people. You could, for example, reach out to hotels and inns and ask them to carry your shampoos and conditioners in their rooms and other facilities. Not only would you get more exposure, but you would also quickly validate your ideas. It would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Get a lot of press

Get in touch with popular blogs and have them write about your business. Be tenacious, and pitch from a viewpoint that will allow readers to learn something new and useful. However, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on media for user growth as you might run out of resources. Rather, you should use it as a medium for building a good reputation when you’re selling to bigger corporations. It is an excellent means of gaining credibility and it could even get you to land your biggest clients.

Gather feedback from consumers

Your goal should be to create or provide things that people would be willing to pay for. Do not be dismayed if you’re just a start-up as you could have the unfair advantage of releasing new products quickly and filling the gaps left behind by your competitors. There are plenty of tools you can use to hear what users have to say about your pricing and other aspects. Search for testimonials or reviews online as well using search engines.

Try telemarketing without the call centre

To put it simply, this is a blind contact with a lead who isn’t expecting a pitch. You can find potential customers by paying close attention to ventures moving into your area, buying lists culled by a third-party provider, or scouring through newspaper items or articles. It is understandable if you are hesitant to speak with those you don’t know. The good news is that you can get call experts from Message Direct to discuss the art of cold calling and handle the job for you.

Improve your website

These days, it can be so easy to find tools to drive traffic to your site. Search engine optimisation or SEO has become an art form involving the use of keywords to rank higher on SERPs. Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, and pay consultants to help you boost your results. Don’t be afraid to delve into social media too by creating profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Just make sure that you provide fresh content on a regular basis to get seen on the web.

Look into affiliate marketing

Check non-competitors that are targeting the same audiences to see if you can collaborate with them through shared efforts such as co-branding opportunities, mailings, and newsletters. You would be surprised at the number of like-minded businesses that are talking to your market. Suggest to fellow entrepreneurs ways you can support each other. Consumers could see your joint efforts as a value-added means to reinforce their choice of brands.

Do some old-fashioned networking

You can start with attending social functions such as book clubs and dinner invitations. You can also participate in business events such as trade exhibits as well as get involved in community organisations such as the chamber of commerce. If you want, you can also rediscover bonds with former colleagues or classmates. All of these can link you with sales leads.

Develop advocates for your brand

Those who have been happy with your offerings can help you generate referrals and references. Once you have sold to a person, he or she can promote your wares to others. It could be by giving positive reviews, participating in refer-a-friend campaigns, or utilising loyalty programmes. This is a method that highly encourages word-of-mouth advertising. Do what you can to give consumers the ammunition they need to share your story.

Consider giving freebies

You might feel hesitant to spend on more stuff, but promotional items can be great tools for boosting sales. How? By inciting good feelings among existing users, persuading them to pass on the samples to family or friends, and/or prompting them to buy the item in full-size. Of course, you have to make sure that what you’re handing out is of good quality so it will give a good impression.

There is a lot you can do that doesn’t require much work; the above points should convince you of that. Bear in mind one thing though: while you want to ensure you have saturation, you do not want to alienate any member of your target market. Do not make them feel like you are hard selling to them. Rather, advertise in such a manner that they wouldn’t hesitate to approach you first.

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