5 Career Routes for People Who Love Driving Reviewed by Momizat on . For those that love to get behind the wheel and take to the open roads, did you know that there is a wide range of jobs that you can do this? For many, the thou For those that love to get behind the wheel and take to the open roads, did you know that there is a wide range of jobs that you can do this? For many, the thou Rating: 0
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5 Career Routes for People Who Love Driving

For those that love to get behind the wheel and take to the open roads, did you know that there is a wide range of jobs that you can do this? For many, the thought of being stuck behind a desk or computer is not entirely riveting. Some people love the idea of taking to the road. What is more, being behind the steering wheel means that you don’t have to work with others on a regular basis. Some people love to work alone. This is not a criticism. I’m sure there are times that we all wished that we could work independently. For some, a career in driving is just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s take a look at the top five driving jobs that petrol heads will love to do.
People Who Love Driving


1.    Removal Specialist

If you have a passion for people and you love driving, this is the ultimate job for you. As a removal specialist for the professionals moving company, you will be behind the wheel for the majority of the day. Those that love to drive will love being in the removal industry. Driving around all day certainly has its appeal. What is more, you will get a great sense of satisfaction helping people realise their moving dreams.

You will need to have a certain personality type to do this job. You will have to have a sunny disposition and a keen knack for customer service. After all, keeping the customer happy is what pays the bills.

Health and safety are paramount in this position. You need to be aware of the loads that you are carrying and the people that you are working with. Becoming a removal expert will require a great deal of common senses as well as a keen interest in health and safety legislature.

The great news is, is that aside from the driving license you don’t need any other qualifications to undertake this career. This kind of work is the perfect opportunity for those that love to meet new people.

2.    Driving Instructor

Do you want to help people realise their dreams of becoming a driver? Then you should consider becoming a driving instructor. For those that have a patient temperament, this could be the right career choice for you. Of course, you will have to be made of stern stuff to teach other people to drive. Learner drivers can test the patience of a saint! As a driving instructor, you should have a knack for teaching. You should be able to make the complex simple. What is more, you will have to have a lot of nerves.

As a driving instructor, you may need a good sense of humour. If a learner nearly crashes the car, well, you cannot yell at them. You need to take danger in your stride. As a good instructor, however, your pupils are unlikely to crash!
While you may not be driving per se, you can help others drive. What could be more rewarding than that?

3.    Taxi Driver

For those that love to drive into the distance, being a taxi driver is the obvious solution. You can see more of your hometown and beyond. What is more, you will get to meet a wide variety of different people. Becoming a taxi driver requires a license. These fees can be incurred on an annual basis. You may have to speak to your local authority about your eligibility to become a taxi driver. If you have your own cab, you could take people to their chosen destination.

Taxi drivers know all of the secrets. Much like hairdressers, taxi drivers end up becoming people’s confidants. If you are keen to meet new people and earn a lot of money in the process, the solution is simple.

4.    Long Distance Truck Driver

This is the ultimate driving job. For those that are keen to spend weeks, even months away from home with just their truck for company, this is the ultimate driving job. You can see so much more of your country, or state in this kind of role. What is more, international truck drying jobs can be very lucrative. If you are interested to get on the open road with jest the radio for company, this is the ideal solution. For many, the thought of being away from their loved ones is too much to bear. For others, this is the perfect opportunity to travel.

Becoming a truck driver will require you to take an additional drivers permit. You may have to undertake additional courses to become an HGV licenses truck driver.

You can work anywhere in the world with this job. This is why it is so appealing for many. In the midst of dull office jobs, this one is the job that many covet. For the avid driver, the solution seems obvious. Get behind the wheel and make money from your hobby.

5.    Ambulance Service

A passion for helping those in need is what is needed to become an awesome ambulance driver. You can legally break the speed limit too! This is an appealing job for those that want to help those in need. What is more, it is rewarding beyond all belief.

What are more you don’t have to be a paramedic to enjoy this job? Many people in the ambulance service directly drive the ambulance itself. This is great news for those that did not quite make it into med school.

This position does not pay a great sum of money, but you can get an enormous sense of satisfaction from doing this job. Money is one thing, but a career that is rewarding and enjoyable? Now that is something that money cannot buy.

In Summary

A career in driving can either be lucrative or rewarding for many. If you have a keen interest in being behind the wheel, then there is certainly a job in this guide that you will love to do. Some jobs are more rewarding that others, but that can be said with all sectors. Having a love of the open road will certainly stand you good stead with these jobs.

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