5 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing Reviewed by Momizat on . There are seventy million people on Pinterest and this number is growing day by day. A lot of them are established bloggers, writers, journalists, trendsetters There are seventy million people on Pinterest and this number is growing day by day. A lot of them are established bloggers, writers, journalists, trendsetters Rating: 0
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5 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

There are seventy million people on Pinterest and this number is growing day by day. A lot of them are established bloggers, writers, journalists, trendsetters and social influencers. Pinterest is the newest and most exciting social media platform online and it can be used as a tremendously powerful marketing tool. It offers a completely new channel to market your brand, product or services and reach a growing chunk of hungry customers. There are many unique ways to use this new social media platform in your online marketing campaign. Let’s see which are the top 5 tips for successful Pinterest marketing:

  1. Pin often

Just like Facebook revolutionized social media with the “like” button, Pinterest brought us the “pin” function which changed how we see social media platforms. And Pinterest is all about it: you pin, pin and pin what you like on separate boards for everyone to see. Pinning should be the number one focal point of your marketing strategy and knowing how often you should do it is critical. Many social media experts suggest that you should pin at least 5 times a day to get the best results. However, most successful bloggers and Pinterest experts suggest that, depending on your niche, anything from 5 to 30 pins a day is ideal.

Pinterest Marketing

Pin frequency is important, but there are also other things to consider. Scheduling your pins, for instance, makes things even easier. Try to schedule your pins ahead of time: when you find a batch of interesting photos, drip feed your pins over several days. Also, spacing out your pins is very important for your audience, which will respond better to a constant stream of content instead of one-time massive bursts.

  1. Use rich pins

Rich pins is a free feature only recently added to Pinterest. It is designed to help marketers get more followers for their boards as quickly as possible. You can choose from any of the five types of rich pins: product, movie, recipe, place and article. Each one of these categories includes certain information bits and details about them which only help you create a better experience for your followers. For instance, a rich pin on an article may include a short description, a list of keywords and a small picture. The feature is expected to make Pinterest an even more powerful online marketing tool – just after a few months, marketing experts already reported a 100 percent increase in their follower base after activating rich pins.

  1. Use properly sized images

Pinterest relies heavily on images and having ideally sized photos is what you need to focus on to get the best results from your marketing campaign. The general consensus is that your photos should be vertically oriented and have a 1:3.5 ratio. This means that a 600-pixel wide image should be 1400 to 2100 pixels tall. Your next step is to create these special Pinterest images. Fortunately, you can use any common image editors, including PhotoShop or Gimp which will allow you to preset your image size before saving them.

  1. Write great descriptions

When it comes to Pinterest, photos come first, but immediately after looking at a picture, your potential followers will check out the description. Make sure you write a concise, keyword-rich and attractive description. Be as short as possible, but make the most of each word. Add helpful details, keep a positive sentiment and give your reader something to do or add a link. Don’t use hashtags, don’t write cheesy sales words like “Buy now!” or “Free!” and pay attention to grammar and capitalization.

  1. Create compound images

Compound images are easy to create and are very effective for DIY, recipe or fitness niches. The so-called mosaic images consist of related images closely collated together. Try to use less than five photos when you create a mosaic image. They work great for most niches: marketers say that mosaic or compound images received a double amount of pins when compared to simple images.

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