Important Local Business Listing Attributes Reviewed by Momizat on . If you are new to the industry and want to spread your business rapidly, there is no easy and quicker way than Local Business Directories. But before you get st If you are new to the industry and want to spread your business rapidly, there is no easy and quicker way than Local Business Directories. But before you get st Rating: 0
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Important Local Business Listing Attributes

If you are new to the industry and want to spread your business rapidly, there is no easy and quicker way than Local Business Directories. But before you get started, there are certain attributes and factors that you need to keep in mind while putting your business online. Since, this work is done by a personnel running any Local Business Directory, hence he should be aware of all the listing attributes. Know more about all the important business listing attributes:

Business Title

Your business title must remain consistent throughout. It helps Google establish trust in your business’s existence and location. Suppose you name your business “Dallas car services” at one place and “Dallas car repairs” at an another place. There is a chance that Google sees it as two different businesses when it comes to indexing. So, you should pick only one title and add to your choice of directory, using the same business title.

If there is any confusion, you must read the guidelines given by Google for local businesses. If you are a brand new business, you must always name your business in a way that it describes your service and location.

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Citations and Links

Google and other search engines locate your business in two ways:

  • By tracking sites, where links appear and visiting those links that point to your website
  • Track sites where citations of your business appear or visit the citations of your business.

Your business is ranked by Google or any search engine by determining these two factors. If your business gets maximum links and citations from high quality websites in your area, your business will rank the highest. So, for this, make sure you get your business name, address, phone number and websites listed at as many places as possible.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are very important for any product or service to sell. Reviews persuade the prospective customers to buy your service or product. A bad review can let the surfer to leave that page and search for something else, while a good review may let him call and order your service or product. It is a way to engage your customer. After reading the reviews on your website, a customer feels satisfied and it even persuades him to write a good review of your business.

Similarly, it is important to recognize who has left a negative review on your website. Try to reach out to that customer and find out his bad experience with your business and try to resolve the issue.

Presentation: Photos and Videos

A great way to show off your business is to use attractive photos and videos and increase the number of clicks. You can show off your projects, products that your company offers, your team, or your office itself. Images should be compelling enough to make your business stand out.

Though the pictures and videos do not seem to affect the ranking of the page, but a potential customer can be more inclined to a compelling photo than to a black and white background without any pictures.

Recently, Google has increased the visibility of Google Plus listing photos by displaying one image for each listed business in their main research results. So, it is important for you to choose images wisely according to your business category.


If your business and your Local Business Directory allows, you can categorize your business into a number of categories ( two to five usually). Categories help explain the nature of your business. It helps Google to show a particular business for a particular search, if your business is categorized. Google or any other search engine will not show a business which is not categorized properly or not categorized at all. It is common with the keywords that are more competitive or where there are already a number of businesses associated with a particular category.

Social Factors

There is a need to learn to participate in the social spaces, your customers prefer. With each passing year, the social component of local SEO is growing stronger. Try to find out the platforms where you get to interact with your customers directly. Platforms like Google plus Local and Google plus Business enables you to communicate with your followers like on twitter or Facebook. On such platforms, you can respond to both positive and negative reviews of your customers.

All these attributes should be in your priority list in order to make your business visible online.  Other factors like contact information, location and services and so on should be clearly highlighted and contained within the indexable text and not embedded in an image.

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