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Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Before You Die?

We can all agree that life insurance is the best way to protect your family from financial instability that could happen when you die. However, in some cases, people are wondering whether they should continue paying for premiums or not. Some people decide to sell their life insurance policies or enter settlements and you should research and analyze these options before you make up your mind. Most insurance ...

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How to Insure Your Valuables in Your Holiday Home

Insurance can be a confusing topic. Knowing when you're covered and when you're not isn't easy to figure out, especially when you're new to the whole insurance scene. Take holiday homes, for example. How do you know if your holiday home's contents are covered by your standard home contents insurance policy? Will you just assume that they are and hope for the best? That's a little risky, as research suggests ...

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Insurance And Tax Are Needed For Mot Test

Before you can tax your vehicle you must have suitable insurance cover set up and if necessary, the vehicle must be MOT tested. The wrong Insurance cover, a past due MOT, insurance declarations that are inaccurate, lost or late arriving, these can all prevent you from taxing your vehicle on time. Insurance cover is needed on your vehicle Keeping in mind the end goal to tax your vehicle, you must have insura ...

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