Taking Key Clients to Wembley Reviewed by Momizat on . Anyone who wants to improve their company’s profits has a range of different options to explore. They can invest in a bigger, swankier office to try and present Anyone who wants to improve their company’s profits has a range of different options to explore. They can invest in a bigger, swankier office to try and present Rating: 0
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Taking Key Clients to Wembley

Anyone who wants to improve their company’s profits has a range of different options to explore. They can invest in a bigger, swankier office to try and present a more compelling visual impression. They could hire more sales staff. They could splash out on a prime-time TV advert. The modern business world – in a way – is the CEOs oyster.

 One of the laws cited options (but still a viable one) is to invest in a corporate hospitality suite at a sporting venue. Many of the world’s most hallowed stadiums have corporate boxes available for either hire or sale, and they are becoming more popular amongst businesses. Here are some of the reasons why:

 #1 – It allows for quality time with potential clients

One of the most important parts of any sales process (and sometimes one of the trickiest to engineer) is finding the time to really sit down and talk with potential clients about how they stand to benefit from signing on the dotted line. Corporate hospitality offers at the very least 80 minutes (and at the cricket, as much as five days!) of one-on-one face time with potential clients, which should be more than enough for a skilled sales team to build a compelling picture of the firm.

 #2 – It demonstrates loyalty

Absolutely no one wants to feel like they’re just another statistic to a company, especially if it’s a company they’re paying money to. Anyone prepared to invest the effort necessary to obtain hospitality suites at the venue of the client’s choice is putting their money where their mouth is by demonstrating how important that client is to them. It shows clients that the company walks the walk, rather than just talking the talk.

 #3 – It enables the potential for networking

As well as providing an opportunity to work on existing leads, sports hospitality also offers a great chance for a company to increase their number of connections. If a corporate box is available and there aren’t any existing clients to woo, a networking event can be easily put together.

 It’s surprising how many skilled young professionals are out there, looking to connect to other firms. Hosting events such as this can also build a company’s reputation as a match-maker for other firms, which is no bad thing: it’s a favour that’s often returned.

 #4 – It can be ideal for launching new products

The creation of valuable products is the hallmark of any successful entrepreneurial venture. Inevitably, this makes launch events a necessity, and finding a good venue is a vital part of that. A sporting hospitality suite is ideal, as it’ll provide a more multi-faceted experience than a standard product launch in a dry conference hall. What does this mean? It means that as a general rule, more people are likely to turn up to the launch, simply because they’re more likely to have a good time!

 #5- It sets a company apart from its competitors

It’s a simple fact that if a client is particularly desirable to one company, then they’re probably being chased by a few others as well. This means that standing out from the competition is essential. Providing some sort of entertainment (the sort of entertainment that can be had during an afternoon at Wembley) is an ideal way to do so, and it’s one that the competitors might not even have considered. Being classed as a company that can think creatively is never a bad thing.

 #6 – It can be a great incentive

As well as providing a compelling experience for potential clients, an afternoon at a major sporting event is the perfect incentive for a young salesperson. A yearly lease on a suite at Wembley or Lords provides any company with the opportunity to offer rewards that other firms can’t compete with. As a result, employee motivation goes up, and so do sales. The company gains additional growth from an investment that they would have made anyway!

 Corporate sports events and hospitality is an ideal way of cementing deals, launching products and incentivising sales teams in a location that’s appealing, unique and memorable. If you’re new to the world of corporate hospitality or want to find out how the professionals do it, then rather than trying to organise your own event, why not get a professional company like VU Limited to do the hard work for you?

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