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How Freedom Debt Relief Could Help With Debt Management

Unemployment continues to decline. The rate was only 4.3% in May, which is 0.5% lower than in January. You’d think with so many people in the work force that debt wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, consumer debt is increasing. With the average credit card interest rate nearing 20%, many families are only a payment away from disaster. Even worse, many aren’t aware of how fragile their situation is. While p ...

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Does Debt Management Plan really Works?

Are you in any kind of a debt where life seems to be really difficult to come over it? Well, you must have tried several different ways but due to a multitude of reasons, there seems to be less success in the reality of getting rid of debts. This is not an uncommon situation in today’s world where every individual is a part of the cut-throat competition and wishes to achieve their goal without any compromis ...

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