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Financial Advisers and Virtual Offices: Why Your Clients Would Prefer To Work In A Virtual World

If you have not realized by now, the world has drastically shifted to a digital and virtual reality. Pedestrians no longer have to hail a cab or call a hotel to make a reservation. They can simply order an Uber or book an AirBnB on their smartphones. While many service industries have been quick to adopt and adapt to this shift in consumer demand, the financial services industry has been a little on the slo ...

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The Benefits of Oficinas Virtuales en Mexico – Virtual Offices in Mexico

Thanks to new advances in technologies, more and more businesses are saying goodbye to traditional offices. Instead, they use virtual systems, which are a lot more free form. If this is something that you are considering and want to look into oficinas virtuales en Mexico – virtual offices in Mexico – it is important that you understand the ins and outs of these systems. What Is a Virtual Office? When you wo ...

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