Top Five Tips When Purchasing a Mannequin Reviewed by Momizat on . The store window is a shop’s advertisement to the word; it is one of the first things that customers notice when they are at the entrance to the store. These ma The store window is a shop’s advertisement to the word; it is one of the first things that customers notice when they are at the entrance to the store. These ma Rating: 0
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Top Five Tips When Purchasing a Mannequin

The store window is a shop’s advertisement to the word; it is one of the first things that customers notice when they are at the entrance to the store. These mannequins have a lasting effect on visual displays that is well documented and proven.

They will have a positive impact on customer buying habits because they help consumers visualise themselves with certain products. Especially when it comes to clothes and furniture, mannequins have demonstrated their validity time and time again.

They are a well-utilised visual merchandising tool that is extremely useful because of their proven and almost immediate effectiveness. A mannequin is designed to draw customers into a shop, usually because something in the window display has captured their interest.

A thought provoking shop window or visual display can add an exciting element of theatrics to a store, which will pique customer interest in certain products.

When purchasing a mannequin, take these few vital steps and make sure that you purchase the perfect face and body for your business. According to research, when a mannequin is placed in the window of a show, it helps the customer to picture the item on themselves. Psychologically, consumers will replace the mannequin with their own body, which encourages buying behaviour.

purchasing a mannequin

1)      Check the Base

The base of the mannequin is often the most important aspect, as this is what helps it stand up straight. Without a good base your shop display mannequins could look like they are leaning unnaturally, and will just look a bit off. Standard material used for bases can vary, including glass, metals or acrylic.

Consider the usage that your mannequin is going to get and choose the base that best suits your needs. For example if you need to take the mannequin to trade shows you would be better going for an acrylic base because it is important that the base is light, more portable and will not break easily.

If the mannequin is going to be left mostly static, then a glass or metal stand would be perfect. The foot flange is another useful piece of the base that is essential to making sure that your mannequin does not lean to the side.

2)      Choose the right shape

One important point that should be remembered is to choose the right mannequin for your store. Headless mannequins, children mannequins and other unusual types can be presented in a way that is perfect for specialist stores.

It has been proven that the more uncommonly shaped mannequins are very popular. Different skin tones and weights of mannequins can make a statement, especially if your store sells plus-sized clothing. Even if it doesn’t, there is plenty to be said about a shop that uses mannequins that are the same size as an average woman, and it will impress shoppers.

Having the right shape mannequin grabs attention and can really give customers a more accurate idea when it comes to imagining the outfit on themselves or their children.

3)      Go for Flexibility

Flexibility is a good thing to look for in a mannequin because they make it possible to create a wider variety of window displays. When using a mannequin that is a lot easier to position, the creativity is limitless.

4)      Easy to Dress

There are several factors that decide if a mannequin is easy to dress. The posture and pose make a big difference, especially if the mannequin is not one of the flexible ones previously mentioned.

Trying to dress a static mannequin that is stuck in an awkward sitting pose can be very difficult, especially if the clothing is a tight fit. Keep in mind what you want the mannequin for before you buy, and purchase accordingly.

5)      Good fittings

When repositioning a window display or traveling to trade shows, it is sometimes necessary to remove parts in order to prepare for transportation, or even just to dress them more easily. Always check that the fittings are in good condition and easy to manage, otherwise it could take a while to redress them.

When dismantling a mannequin, always ensure that you take the upmost care with the individual pieces. Nothing can ruin the effect more than a scratch or damage to the paint, and try not to lose any parts either.

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